Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Marathon Week!

What a week! We had our annual dinner/ auction benefit for Julia on Thursday, Friday The White House called, Saturday- Halloween and pasta dinner and Sunday- NYC Marathon, which I ran in. It was just wild.

I should start with our auction dinner- we raised somewhere around 25 k!! I feel like we're really getting somewhere- we have raised 80 thousand over the past year. All donated to The Children's Tumor Foundation. That's a lot of money, that will go towards research to make treatments available for NF.

Next, the White House. I invite the President and his family to all my events. I'm hoping to get some national attention brought to NF so everyone will know what it is, instead of saying something like "What's that?" So he can't come, which I get their a busy family, even though they have 2 less kids then me, I get it he's running the country. I also asked him for something from the White House to raffle but it's against their policy. The really very nice lady from the White House asked us to go to a movie with the first family on Thursday, but there's only 3 spots. I have to pick who can go. I can't do it. I can't go to The White House without Anthony, it's too big. We're a team, we're doing this together or not at all. They told me their would be other opportunities and not to worry, we exchanged information so we'll go together soon.
Marathon- Holy Moly- I ran 16 miles of it! In 4 hours! Let me tell you, I never ever though I'd remotely run anywhere. It gives me a headache, it makes me sick and starving all at once, it's my least favorite activity. The whole experience was amazing!! I am now addicted and want to run and run and run. I cried the whole time. It was so emotional crowds cheering, music playing, running for my daughter, racing for a cure, against time, like real life. I knew my family was waiting at mile 16. As I got closer I got slower due to a mile long uphill bridge, hate that bridge. When I saw them I ran and cried and finished. I was too overcome, seeing my ladybug there. I just wanted to go home. Anthony picked me up and gave me a piggybacked me to the car. I was so glad I choose not to do The White House without him. How could I leave him behind?
Next year Anthony and I will both run the marathon and together we will finish.


  1. Well done, Laura! I am so happy that you are on "our team". I'm sorry that our babies had to be sick for us to meet each other, but never sorry that it has brought such fabulous people into our lives. See you in Daytona!

    Lots of Love,

  2. I'm 24, with NF1. I found your blog through a NF site, and I have to say that you are an inspiration. I am training to do some runs with the NF Endurance team, so maybe we'll run across eachother some day.

    Your dedication is very admirable! I look forward to reading your other blog entries:)