Saturday, December 19, 2009

The White House Visit

We were invited to a White House Holiday Tour! Which was very, very nice. I has written a letter, actually several, to The white House asking President Obama and Michelle to attend my fundraisers. I asked if they couldn't come could they send me something to raffle off- like a set of White House Towels or something. I never heard an answer not even a form letter so I mailed a letter every week for 2 months. They must love me! Finally I get a response letter saying basically sorry- it's against White House policy to send anything to raffle off. We end up getting a phone call inviting us to The White House. They are trying to give children with medical problems or special needs a treat.
The holiday tour was really nice but really it cost a lot to buy all those train tickets and go to DC in one day was a real pain. It was about 12 hours of traveling for a 45 minute walk through 5 rooms. The kids really won't get this until their older so it wasn't such a treat for them. Then the White House screwed up and my mom ends up not getting in, they lost her information. I was so upset. She came all that way to stand outside the gate, it was so disappointing. My kids were all upset, we couldn't believe it. I saved the email with the white house contact confirming our tour for 7 people, not that it makes a difference. They didn't even apologize.
Also they specify no bags and people were going in with bags. Why bother having rules?

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  1. So cool but so frustrating! So glad you did it though. I noticed the picture on your christmas card and I meant to ask you about it!