Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tough Stuff

We had a rough week. Julia had her regular check up with her neurologist this week. We were discussing the recent changes of her headaches and itchy skin. Julia all the sudden said "Wait- I'm gonna have NF when I grow up?" I almost threw up- I felt like I got slapped in the face and after the Dr. answered she did too, not because of his approach but because reality can feel like that. Her Dr. was so nice- he started telling her everyone gets something and NF is just a part of who she is. I on the other hand started crying and could hardly speak. I was saying "Its ok, don't worry" which makes no sense looking back. I wasn't expecting Julia to ask this. I thought she understood that NF was a part of who she was. It was like a tsunami crashed through my house over the next 24 hours. Julia sobbed inconsolably. She cried through lunch, the ride home, dinner, her bath, it was just terrible. A.J. was all upset too- he kept saying things to her like "Julia your focusing on one nutty thing- if you didn't have NF you wouldn't be you." I can't remember a time where more people in our house were as upset and crying as much as this.
A.J. is an amazing brother. He is only 10 years old and his answers to Julia were so deep, so though out. Julia kept crying and asking to be "re-born". I was holding her in my lap, crying too and trying to say the right thing, searching for the words that would make her feel better. None worked. A.J. was so kind- he told her that if she was re-born she wouldn't belong to us and we needed her. I never expected A.J. to ever step up to this type of occasion- who would? He's a terrific kid- but these situations really show just how amazing he is. Julia is so lucky to have a big brother and so lucky that it's him.
That night I slept in Julia's bunk bed. I held her while she cried and whispered that I loved every part of her. I told her over and over that each piece of her made Julia Julia. I hardly slept. I kept looking over her little face. I felt like I was in physical pain. As always I wished I could take the NF out of Julia.
Julia kept saying she wanted to be like all the other kids. She wants to be like everyone else. I understand completely what she means. I kept telling her everyone gets something and I tried to find examples, but honestly there aren't (thank God) too many kids with issues- and of course we have been so lucky with Julia's issues. We'll see. She seemed better just very tired the next 2 days. She had to adjust I guess. We have 1 more appointment in this round of checks- then hopefully we'll be "off" for awhile.
Reality can be like that- a slap in the face, a tidal wave, it's awful. Its much worse when your only 7 and 10 years old. I think it's difficult for my children to understand exactly what Julia has. Its harder when there are only questions and no real answers- even from Julia's doctors. Uncertainty is so unsettling- even when your being positive and doing positive things like fundraising.


  1. Laura, I am so sorry. I really do think that you should try to get together with Jenna and her mom. you know my sister's friend. That might help. Close enough to the situation but on the outside. Just an idea.

  2. Laura, thinking of you and Julia had some similiar news and happenings with my little guy at the neurologist, this week.
    Thinking of you